“I Was Born To Die In Berlin

The Making of The Kings Of Queens: Ramones Tribute Band

The band was Casey’s idea (and his Marshall and his Mosrite), but Eric and Adam grew up on The Ramones and saw them many times around Atlanta in┬áthe late 80’s and through their final Atlanta performance at Masquerade Music Park in 1995 (oh, and an amazing yet criminally under attended Dee Ramone and The Chinese Dragons show at The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA in the early 1990’s). Rich was our first choice for drums and that turned out to be a good decision.

Kings Of Queens Xmas

The focus of this band is the 1st 4 Ramones LPs: Before Phil Spector, synths, hardcore or outside writers. Those first four LPs (Ramones, Leave Home, Rocket To Russia, Road To Ruin) along with the Rock And Roll High School Soundtrack songs are what makes the legend. And also Pet Semetary ’cause it’s fun to play and we dig Stephen King ya know?

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